Global Health Learning Opportunities (GHLO®) Interview with our Dean: Suez Canal university
Hiba Salih, MD, MPH, GHLO’s Atlas Corps Fellow, had the wonderful opportunity to connect with Prof. Dr. Somaya Hosny, MD, PhD, MHPE, the Dean of Suez Canal University Faculty of Medicine. 

Salih:     What was appealing to Suez Canal University about joining the GHLO Collaborative? 

Hosny:   One of the main points that helped our school to be the first nationally accredited higher educational institution in Egypt is its application of self-directed learning. To foster this approach, the school uses many ways, among them are: encouraging the students to exchange their experience with international students, joining international associations, attending and conducting international events, and taking international exams. The GHLO Collaborative is found to be a perfect way in this regard for many reasons including: 1) the ability to facilitate global mobility of final year students in the field of clinical research and public health, which are very important components in our students curriculum; 2) the great experience in enhancing dialogue between [medical] institutions; 3) the ability to overcome obstacles which students may face; 4) helping students  in exchanging ideas and best practices; and finally 4) conducting joint research to innovate and build global understanding.   
Salih:      What are some ways of promoting global learning that will have a greater impact on medical students who engage in experiences abroad?

Hosny:     Our students are eager to have international experiences and many of them are communicating with different institutions abroad and also taking international exams. However this is done on a personal basis from the students and we hope that we can do that in a formal way through the school itself. We began with joining the GHLO initiative, which I believe is a good opportunity for the students. Another way is through sharing e-learning materials and videoconferencing with reputable institutions. 

Salih:      Due to the recent political instability in Egypt, how has this changed your global strategy as an institution that already has strong ties to the international academic community?

Hosny:     I believe that this instability will not last for a long time and our students can go anywhere.  However, at this time, we have postponed the visit of international students coming from other countries until the situation becomes better.
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